Crystal Activation Inks

 Our crystal infused inks carry real Crystal Life Force Essence.

Mother Caves System

Activation Ceremony

 Consciously Acquired


We use consciously acquired Salenite from the cave of Swords in Mexico that is activated and added to all of our custom, high-grade, eco-friendly water based Alchemical Inks.

SELENITE is associated with Celestial and Angelic frequencies. A mystical stone bringing crystal clarity. It is literally a mirror on its axiom at the atomic level reflecting "as Above, so Below".

Selenite is helpful with:

  • *Achieving high states of conciousness
  • *Purification of Spirit essence and allowing all to be "Seen"
  • *Aligning with Divine Light, Energy and Wisdom


Elemental Series

Limited edition crystal infused inks-Our latest and greatest. We are Offering 3 Color and 6 color crystal infused creations.

Infinite Value

We hope that these offerings find a value in life that is not measurable. The Journey and Life itself are of imeasurable value. Let us join in participating in a life based on this awareness. The infinite value of life.

Sacred Exchange

We value each interaction we have with this wonderful global community and family. We live by the principle awareness that we are One. We hope this exchange of energy serves the greatest good and highest potential of us all.