Womens Himalayan Galactic Pants Sacred Geometry Clothing Festival Clothing Crystal Infused Eco Friendly Seed of Creation

  • $94.80

The perfect, ultra comfortable and flattering pants for every day wear as well as special outings. A classic for dancing, festivals, hooping, sacred rituals, and embodying your goddess nature. 

Garment Features: Thick fabric waste band for comfortable fit, open fabric in font, inner fabric underlayer for flowing effect as your move and dance

Featured Artwork: The font is adorned with the Seed of Life and the sides feature the Galactic Activation Totem which consists of a mergence of masculine and feminine symbols and geometries. 

Printing: Screen printed using ink that’s been infused with very rare and special Selenite crystals we inherited with from the famous Cave of Swords in Mexico.  

Fabric:  Made using eco-friendly, closed loop Modal fabric with 10% spandex to give the perfect fit. It’s adored for being soft and ultra comfortable.

Dyes: Low impact dyes that were designed to have minimal impact on the environment. 

Purpose: This is a high-vibe, sacred garment designed to be with you during the most precious moments of your journey. Life is the ceremony, each moment the ritual. 

Ethics: Made with love in Bali, also known as the Island of the gods, using family ethics to create the highest form of collaboration.

We're so grateful to share the depth of vibration and value these symbols can offer. Blessings, may your journey be a great one.